Water Moccasin Shot Recipe (Two Versions Just For You)

by Libation Staff | Last Updated: October 3, 2021

If you’re from the Southern U.S., you probably know a little bit about Water Moccasins. These large, semi-aquatic pit vipers, sometimes known as Cottonmouths because of their snow-white mouth, can deliver a painful and potentially deadly bite. 

Named after the snake, the Water Moccasin Shot is less likely to necessitate a hospital visit but can pack just as powerful of a bite if you’re not too careful. Smooth and tasty, this beverage can not only be a quick shot but can be turned into a drink or cocktail to enjoy a little more slowly. 

What goes into the Water Moccasin Shot recipe? 

For all of you aspiring home bartenders, this is the Water Moccasin Shot that is a college drinking party favorite.

The Water Moccasin Shot Breakdown

The Water Moccasin Shot is a popular shot recipe because it only requires five ingredients and you’ll probably have them on-hand if you have any type of bar at home. 

The five ingredients you will need to mix up the Water Moccasin Shot will be:

Pretty simple, right? Absolutely!

I’d also like to mention that it is important that you serve this shot chilled. I just really think because of the selection of ingredients, it just tastes better.  If you want to make it a cocktail, I would even recommend pouring it over some ice (preferably one of those amazing orb ice cubes) and sipping it a little more slowly.

So, what is the exact breakdown of the Water Moccasin Shot recipe? Here ya go! In fact, here are a few variations because who doesn’t like variety?

Water Moccasin Shot Recipe #1

The original Water Moccasin Shot recipe is as follows:



  1. Shake all of the ingredients in ice. If you need a cocktail shaker, check out these
  2. Strain into an Old Fashioned glass and serve as a shooter. 
  3. If you want to sip a little longer, double the above ingredients and serve in an Old Fashioned glass over ice.

Recipe #2

All popular drinks will usually have a second (or third, fourth, etc) recipe. The Water Moccasin Shot is no different. If the first recipe isn’t your jam, here is a second variation for you to try.


Just like the original recipe, recipe #2 requires you to mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and strain it into your glass. Again, you could double the recipe and serve over ice for a delicious cocktail.

Final Thoughts on The Water Moccasin Shot

Sometimes we need something a little different and something that will also pack a punch. The Water Moccasin Shot is one of those drinks that will go down smooth, maybe a little too smooth, which is where it may get its name. 

If you enjoy whiskey and a bit of sweetness, the Water Moccasin Shot may be just what the doctor ordered. And as always, drink responsibly and get yourself a D.D. or Uber so you can keep enjoying these delicious cocktails for years to come.