Two Chicks Cocktails Review & Simple Tasting Notes

by Libation Staff | Last Updated: November 11, 2021

Two Chicks is a women-owned, founded, and run company that produces sparkling canned cocktails. Here we’ll talk in more detail about their canned cocktails, their composition, and the company in general.

All About The Company

Two Chicks is a Las Vegas-based company founded by Meghan Hanna and Linda Cash, two chicks whose drive, passion, and dedication have created a company intending to inspire women. The company’s tagline is Lovingly Mixed, Two Chicks are cocktails for connecting.

The founders liked the idea of women connecting over delicious cocktails, celebrating achievements, and sharing their stories, hopes, and dreams. They created a series of canned sparkling cocktails that they hope the public will love. 

The cans and packages are very elegantly designed, with intricate botanical prints that are eye-catching and beautiful. But the cocktail content is what the founders believe is every woman’s favorite drink: low alcohol, low calorie, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, yet high-quality and delicious.

Two Chicks Cocktails RTD Drinks

The Two Chicks Cocktails

Here is a rundown of the Two Chicks cocktail lineup:

Made with sweet tequila and lemon, and lime, this Sparkling Citrus Margarita is a nod to the classic margarita, but with an added twist. The cocktail is delicious, refreshing, and tangy.

An unexpected combination, yet a flavorful result, the Sparkling Vodka Fizz is an impressive cocktail in a can. The smooth vodka flavor enhances the elderflower blossom flavors for refined drinking satisfaction.

The Sparkling Paloma cocktail is a refreshing, crisp, and delicious delight for the senses, a delicious combination of light tequila Blanco and fresh pink grapefruit juice.

This cocktail by Two Chicks combines several unexpected flavors for an impressive result. The cocktail has a dominant peach flavor, with the cucumber tea and thyme supporting the flavors and enhancing the freshness of vodka.

The Sparkling Lemon Strawberry Kiss cocktail in a can gives a fresh outlook on life with its impressive blend of flavors. The lemon and basil enhance the strawberry flavor, while the vodka smoothes it out as the perfect kiss.

Named after the famed Old Fashioned cocktail, the New Fashioned is made by blending whisky with ginger and smoothing it out with an orange twist.

Instead of calling it a martini, this cocktail is called tartini, as it is a martini base with a custom Two Chicks twist. The cranberry base is enhanced by the lime zest and smooth vodka, providing a refreshing, sophisticated drink.

This cocktail is a gin gimlet with appealing apple flavor, enhanced by crispy cucumber flavor and a twist of lime; this cocktail is said to be as refreshing as the name suggests.

To Wrap Up…

The vital thing to note is that all the Two Chicks cocktails are flavored with natural fruit and botanical essences and have a 5% ABV content. The Two Chicks cocktails are available in the most well-stocked wine and spirits retailers, larger grocery stores, and select on-premise locations.

Or, you can go online and order your preferred canned cocktail and enjoy. The cans are 12 fl. oz, each, which is enough for two servings of each cocktail, so you and your best friend can enjoy a drink without the hassle of trying to mix the perfect drink. Check the brand out today.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. We wrote this piece on our own and have decided to cover the brand without any compensation attached whatsoever.