Please Don’t Tell NY Cocktail Lounge Review

by Libation Staff | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

PDT is an acronym for Please Don’t Tell, a cocktail lounge affixed to Crif Dogs, a hot dog joint in the East Village in New York. This popular bar is not one would expect from a bar joined with a hot dog place, but you are in for an unexpectedly pleasant surprise.

The entrance to PDT is a vintage phone box within Crif Dogs, and it adds to the mysteriousness of the place, adding to its speakeasy-style vibe. The interior is low-key yet incredibly stylish and adorned with some excellent funky touches. Some may not like the taxidermy specimens on the walls, but they add an impressiveness to the whole establishment. For example, there is a bear in a hat next to the bar.

The seating is in comfy leather booths and chairs around the bar. There is plenty of exposed brick, wood, and other materials that make this a classy yet cozy space. The bar is very well stocked – there are high-quality cocktails and plenty of beer selections. PDT does not have its own kitchen, but the next-door neighbor Crif Dogs takes care of this with their amazing hot dogs and tasty burgers. 

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, but there is one thing that many note – it is relatively difficult to get a reservation. Due to the place’s popularity, it caters mainly to groups of people, and a reservation is recommended. The best time to call for one is at 3 PM when the bar opens, but the long wait on the phone is a daily occurrence.

PDT rose to popularity for its “secret venue” air and limited seating space, but people seem to love it. Plus, the drinks are on the expensive side, so not recommended for people looking for a cheap drink. Many find PDT a little quirky, but all who have visited have praise words for the cocktails served here.

Many famous mixologists and connoisseurs have only good words to say for this place. The most often noted things are the unique entry through a vintage telephone kiosk in a hot dog shop which adds to the authenticity of the speakeasy-style vibe this place projects. The other great note was that the food orders from Crif Dogs come through a hole in the wall for a more fun night out.

Of course, the best for last – the most appealing thing about PDT is their list of original cocktails created by Jim Meehan from both classic and seasonal ingredients make for an impressive experience. If this seems like your thing, then PDT should be on your list of places to visit in New York.