The 20 Best Drinking Songs Of All-Time

by Libation Staff | Last Updated: December 11, 2021

Come on, guys, you got to admit that drinking without music is not fun at all. While you may find yourself drinking while listening to heartbreak songs when your other half broke your heart, but that is not what we’ll talk about here. Instead, here is our selection of the best songs about drinking. We suggest you add them to your party or pre-party lists and enjoy your night.

  1. Gin and Juice – Snoop Dogg

When to listen: at your pre-party.

One of Snoop’s most famous songs, Gin and Juice, is an ode to gin. The song clearly states that it is uncool to go to a party, not bring a bottle, and end up drinking your drink. 

  1. Whiskey River – Willie Nelson

When to listen: when you can’t stop remembering a heartbreak.

Willie Nelson tells a story of a heartbroken man who tries to find solace from haunting memories by drinking from the amber whiskey river.

  1. Drunk in Love – Beyoncé

When to listen: during your private time.

We don’t know whether this is a song about drinking or something kinkier, but we could not leave it off our list.

  1. Summer Wine – Nancy Sinatra

When to listen: with a drink in hand, reminiscing about past fun.

The song’s lyrics are pretty straightforward, a man gets seduced by a woman and then robbed and left. Despite the tragedy, the man still wants more of her summer wine.

  1. Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys

When to listen: at your leisure.

We’re not sure which Brass Monkey the Beastie Boys are referring to, but this is one of those songs that stay with you. A fun fact: the song’s release raised the sales of Heublein’s Brass Monkey malt liqueur.

  1. Whiskey in the Jar – Thin Lizzy

When to listen: whenever.

The song is set in Ireland and tells the story of a highwayman betrayed by a woman. Oh, and there is whiskey in the jar as well.

  1. Red Wine – UB40

When to listen: when you’ve been dumped.

This is one of the most famous drinking songs on our list, and it tells the story of a man looking for a cure for heartbreak in red, red wine.

  1. Cigarettes & Alcohol – Oasis

When to listen: chilling with a beer.

This song was inspired by Noel Gallagher’s dream of leaving Manchester with a pint in hand, going towards the sunshine.

  1. Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers – ZZ Top

When to listen: when you need a pick-me-up.

A song dedicated to ZZ Top’s love for beer and raising hell, this is a classic one.

  1. Drunk Girls – LCD Sound System

When to listen: partying hard.

The song was written for drunk people and fun things. The term “girls” was used as a nickname for the band’s members by the producer during the album recording.

  1. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – George Thorogood

When to listen: sitting in a bar with one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer.

It is a song about a man with poor luck whose girl left him, and he looks for a job and orders one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer to get drunk and drink his problems away.

  1. Cheers (Drink to That) – Rihanna

When to listen: Friday night party!

Rihanna sings about getting drunk on Jameson and shots and celebrating the weekend; she puts everything on her card.

  1. Beer, Beer, Beer – The Clancy Brothers

When to listen: when drinking beer, of course.

A praise-like song that, you guessed it, praises beer. More precisely, it praises Charlie Mops, the guy who made beer out of hops.

  1. Alcohol – The Kinks

When to listen: when you wish to wallow in past sorrows.

Unlike their fun songs, this Kinks piece is a potent reminder of the unfortunate effects of booze.

  1. Alcohol – Barenaked Ladies

When to listen: when you wish to make light of your hangover.

Come on, who has not had at least one morning lying on the floor, not remembering everything from the night before with a killer hangover.

  1. Swimming Pools (Drank) – Kendrick Lamar

When to listen: when you wish to imagine how the other half parties.

A fun song, but one that certainly does not promote responsible drinking, as the man calls for a swimming pool full of liquor.

  1. Escape (The Piña Colada Song) – Rupert Holmes

When to listen: at the beach, with a Piña Colada.

The song tells the story of a bored married man looking for some excitement in his life.

  1. Moonshiner – Bob Dylan

When to listen: a classic, whenever.

Bob Dylan has immortalized his love for booze in this classic song that we’ve all heard at one time or another.

  1. Drink You Away – Justin Timberlake

When to listen: to support a friend during their heartbreak.

The song is about a man trying to find solace in Jack and Jim, but it does not seem to work well for him.

  1. There’s a Tear in My Beer – Hank Williams

When to listen: when you are feeling blue.

This classic Hank Williams song sings of a man who is crying for his lost love, and the tears fall in his beer.


The list above is just a tiny section of the much longer list of drinking songs. You can find sad songs, happy songs, and anything in-between from some of the most notable names in the music world. Of course, your selection depends strongly on the mood you are in. Perhaps some Janis with What Good Can Drinking’ Do when you are feeling blue, or some Beyonce with Drunk in Love for some pick-me-up, you can find a drinking song for any mood and occasion.