Bathtub Gin Bar Review (New York)

by Libation Staff | Last Updated: December 5, 2021

Among the many hidden gems in New York, we must include the Bathtub Gin bar. This place successfully brings the 1920s speakeasy vibe closer to New Yorkers and is among the best places for gin lovers to visit and get a unique experience.

Bathtub Gin Bar New York

Situated in the trendy Chelsea district, the Bathtub Gin bar attracts various customers – artists, bohemians, and even business types looking for a cool place and a stiff drink to unwind after work. The initial impression one gets when looking from the outside is nowhere near what you’ll find inside. The outside looks like a simple coffee shop with a darkened front window. However, once you step inside, you will be welcomed by the dark wood interior, vintage fittings, and a strong speakeasy vibe.

The bar’s focal point is the golden bathtub in the center, surrounded by exposed brick walls, Damask-upholstered seats, and impressively thought-of details. To add to the authenticity of the place, the waiters are also dressed in a 1920’s accurate wardrobe. The menus are bound in leather and add to the charm of the Bathtub Gin bar. You can make a reservation via phone, or you could try your luck, walk-in, and ask for a table. In any case, you’ll find that you are in for a night of fun and unexpectedly satisfying experience.

The main attraction is the extensive cocktail menu. While the cocktail menu is so very extensive, the main emphasis is on gin and gin-based cocktails. One can find Hendrick’s Gin, Edinburgh Gin, Gunpowder Irish Gin, and many more brands and gin varieties. Gin lovers will surely want to visit Bathtub Gin, as this is a place where one can find one of the most varied gin & tonic offers; just to name a few: Tanqueray 10 with Tom’s Organic Tonic Botanist Gin with Jack Rudy Tonic, and many more.

However, gin-based drinks are not all served here, as there are all sorts of spirits, wines, and beers. To accompany the drinks, Bathtub Gin has a great selection of charcuterie boards, grilled steak, tacos, and other similar bar food to accompany the perfectly mixed drinks. Surprisingly, even with the impressive interior and excellent cocktail menu, the prices are quite affordable for such a place in one of the trendiest areas of New York.